A Closer Look at one of our Projects: Thaki. Unlock their Potential

Posted on Aug 24, 2021 12:00 AM by

Thaki, which is pronounced like 'the key', means smart in Arabic. Unlock their potential!

  • Close the Gap was able to support Thaki during the past year. Thaki is an organisation, based in Lebanon, and is pronounced like ‘the key’, which means ‘smart’ in Arabic and with that key, Thaki wants to unlock the potential of vulnerable communities, who normally do not have regular access to IT devices. They want to form an educational bridge between the latest ed-tech solutions and vulnerable communities enabling children and teachers to interact with the digital world. Thaki was able to provide more than 550 laptops to more than 25 schools across Lebanon thanks to their cooperation with Close the Gap.
    And we are enormously proud to have been able to support such a valuable project.
  • Are you interested to find out more about Thaki? You can access their website here.