Here are the results of our Mobile Phone project at ING Belgium

Posted on Feb 22, 2019 7:45 AM by

At the end of 2018, Close the Gap and WorldLoop launched a pilot project on the collection of mobile phones in three companies: Ordina, Accenture and ENGIE. After the success of this first campaign, this project was picked up ING Belgium. This shows the very real interest in wanting to raise awareness on and tackle the problem of e-waste. 

Together with Raising Results, the project was set up in ING Belgium's offices. The project started in the second week of January with the initial communications which would raise employees' awareness on the existence of the e-waste problem and the opportunity to contribute by donating their old mobile phones. 

After the collection stage, which ran until the first weeks of February, the employees of ING collected XXX phones. This results in around X phones per X employees. It takes 1.9kgs of mineral resources such as gold and aluminum to create one mobile phone. Thus, by collecting XXX old phones, XXXkgs of these resources were saved

Afterward, these phones will be recycled in a sustainable way and the revenue will be invested in an innovative start-up active in the circular economy. 

The collection of old mobile phones isn't only limited to our project. The Olympic Games in Japan next year will award winners with medals made out of recycled metals coming from electronic devices. The organising country asks the Japanese population to donate their old phones to manufacture the medals. Click here for more information about this Japanese initiative.


Click here for more information about our mobile phone collection project.

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