Kampala, Uganda

Leap² Innovation Challenge Women in Tech - winner of the pitch competition. Theme: Health.

mSCAN's goal is to ensure that pregnant women in resource-limited settings have access to affordable ultrasound services that can help in early detection of risk factors of maternal mortality and hence reduce the maternal mortality rate.

m-SCAN is a short form for Mobile Scan Solutions Uganda Limited. They are developers of low cost mobile ultrasound devices that seek to reduce maternal mortality by early detection of risk factors and easy accessibility to affordable ultrasound services. Their main product is a USB end portable ultrasound probe coupled with a mobile ultrasound software. In simple terms, it is ultrasound on your phone, tablet or laptop.

They began our journey as three students at Makerere Medical school who had watched several pregnant women die due to scannable risk factors of maternal mortality in the rural areas where they had been posted for community based learning. They got to find out that in Uganda over 16 women die everyday due to risk factors of maternal mortality and of these 16, 7 die of complications that can be detected early on ultrasound and managed.

They decided to come up with a solution to this problem and mSCAN was born. To bring mSCAN from an idea to a reality, they have had great support from; 1) UNFPA where they won USD10,000 seed funding under the UpAccelerate program and 2) YHER Accelerator program in South Africa where they won AUD50,000.

This support has helped them grow by leaps and bounds in a space of just 10 months. They have so far gone through 2 versions of mSCAN; Version 1 which could detect Fetal heart rate and Version 2 which is Ultrasound on a laptop or tablet. They are currently working on bringing Ultrasound on a phone through version 3.

Being social entrepreneurs, their major aim is social impact. they carry out Ultrasound camps(MAMA-CAMPS) in rural areas where they scan pregnant women with our devices. In their most recent Ultrasound camp at Bugembe Health Centre IV, they managed to scan over 40 women with 1 device. Out of these, they managed to detect life threatening conditions in 3 of the pregnant women and their lives and those of their babies were saved because of early detection and proper patient management.

Being from a medical background, their prime aim in life is to save lives and it is very important to them to have a hand in saving lives, especially the lives of those that cannot afford quality health care. Everyone deserves quality healthcare regardless of their financial status or geographical location.

They want to give the mothers in Kalangala District a chance to give life and live. Kalangala being an Island, they have poor access to medical services like ultrasound which are essential in antenatal and postnatal care. Due to lack of such services, the maternal mortality rate on the island is quite high. They want to put an end to this! No mother should die due to preventable causes, especially those that They can detect using Ultrasound.

The impact of this innovation will be a reduction in the maternal mortality rates especially in rural areas.