EsVendo Social Inclusion Project


First Leap² Innovation Challenge Theme: Health.

The goal of this innovation is to increase access of sanitary towels through vending machines, resulting in improved health and quality of life of women and girls.

65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary towels. The Market bundles up pads in packs of 10 making them expensive for these women to afford. EsVendo is availing a single unit of pad in public toilet facilities, in low income areas using vending machines. The automated sanitary towel vending machines will be placed in high traffic toilets in urban and rural low income areas serving 500- 5000 women daily. This will help increase their access to sanitary pads.

EsVendo has managed to place 4 machines in Kwangware, kikuyu, Kibera and Muthurwa. Before placing the machines in these areas the women and girls used alternative means like old roughed clothes to handle their menses. These machines are access by 500-5000 women daily. We intend to increase the impact by placing additional 30 sanitary pad vending machines in identified locations in Nairobi and its environs.

The project will be improved quality of life of females due to increased access of pads,  Plus we anticipate reduce use of unhealthy means of managing menses will result in  better health due to reduced infections.