Leap² Innovation Challenge on Fintech. Theme: Fintech.

In Kenya, over Ksh 150,000,000 is lost monthly due to fraudulent transactions. There are no ideal measures to protect these funds. BrillantPay is bringing protection of funds and enhancing trust in online transactions and therefore by using our service, you can now be assured of safe transactions and your money won't be lost to fraud.


The founder tells: BrillantPay is a solution built to complement a big problem I faced previously with paying online. Once, I paid for a high value laptop from an online store and waited for the delivery. When it finally came, I was surprised that after paying over KES 100,000 for a specific laptop, the one that was delivered was something different which was even valued at less than half of that amount.

The worst bit was that I could not return it and the vendor refused to refund me. This is why we came up with BrillantPay, to protect buyers from such a scenario, as well as sellers too from buyers unwilling to pay upon delivery.

Our solution is for online commerce businesses to offer protection to themselves and their customers in every transaction. We are on a mission to bring TRUST and ASSURANCE to online transactions and make people and vendors comfortable with transacting online. We guarantee value for money to the buyers and successful transaction to the seller. We have integrated Mobile Money services, and are integrating Cards and more platforms in the long-run including Bitcoin.

With constant innovation around our product, we intend to serve the larger online commerce space including travel bookings, logistics and more. This is our long term goal.

We have partnered with 2 banks and all mobile network providers in Kenya and are looking to create more partnerships along the way.