BrandSoft - Digital tools

Kampala, Uganda

Leap² Innovation Challenge Women in Tech. Theme: ICT.

This Ugandan innovation trains women business owners in using digital tools for business growth. Their main focuses are Digital Marketing, Digital Accounting and Online Business registration.


The Idea

In Uganda today, telecom companies have introduced schemes of cutting down the cost of data packs which has resulted into significant rise in a number of internet users. Cheaper range smart phones have also been introduced on the market making it easier for low income earners to access phones and join the digital era.

This positive trend has presented an opportunity of using digital tools in growing local businesses that many especially in rural areas have not tapped into due to their ignorance of using these applications. Women owned businesses are even more disadvantaged being slower than their male counterparts in embracing these tools due to various societal problems.

Brandsoft’s solution is to target these women entrepreneurs, teach them the advantages of using online tools by creating flexible and affordable training packages focused on what digital mediums they can be embraced to help in business expansion.

What they want to achieve

They want to introduce the program “Grow your business with Digital tools”, a 2 day sensitization workshop that embraces a number of activities that will target 50 women business owners. During the workshop, leaders will be identified with basic skills that will later assist others. They will then have a training for these leaders in the community. Their training will cover three main areas, Digital marketing, Digital accounting and Online Business registration. Under Business registration they shall show them the importance of having registered businesses and get them to use the Uganda Registration Services Bureau portal, an online business registration service.

Secondly, Digital marketing which is can be an affordable and effective way one can apply to transform the way that they reach and engage their customers will be taught. They will learn the basics of using online tools like websites, whatsapp, facebook, instagram to reach a wider market for their goods. When it comes to traditional marketing, it’s very difficult for small businesses with limited budgets to compete with larger businesses for ad space. However, with affordable digital marketing tactics, small businesses can get more for their marketing spend.

Lastly, Brandsoft shall introduce them to simple digital book keeping apps that they can access on their mobile phones and computers that will enable them to record daily sales and expenses, a vital skill that can later help them access finance from financial institutions.

Why this is important

Most business trainings in Uganda focus on teaching entrepreneurship in a broad and theoretical manner. Whereas that training is essential in helping an individual understand what starting and running a business is, it doesn’t address the how to go about it and practically show you simple tools to use. Brandsoft's training is specifically tailored to women SMEs who are unregistered with no basic knowledge of accounting and marketing. This training will give them simple to understand digital tools for business growth.

What impact we are looking for

Brandsoft plans to see the women we train, get their businesses formally registered, access credit or financing after having proper business records, and grow their online customer base. BrandSoft will put in place  tools that track the growth of our trainees periodically for a period of one year. They will also continue to have access to resources on our platform even after the training.