Abetec Hub

Mombasa, Kenya

Leap² Swahili-tech Women Innovation Challenge, Spring 2019. Theme: social entrepreneurship.

Abetec Hub's goal during the Leap² Innovation Challenge was to raise funds to build a customized app where youths and women can become more visible to the world, get connected to employers and mentors. This way they can gain access to information and a chance to sell their products online to create more income to support themselves, their families and to create more employment for others.

Youth unemployment has been on the rise in recent years, according to Agakhan University's youth report 2016. This indicates that youth unemployment is at (55%) and highest among women (62%).

Abetech aims to close this gap through skills development using easy to use technologies in partnership with Cisco. They target youths between 15-24 years and young women up to 35 years. Their main objective of raising funds is to develop and connect them through a customized app that will link them to mentors, employers, funders, business information and access to markets for their products and solutions. This initiative will help them become more visible to employers, their income will increase because they will get a chance to access a wider market, they will in return sustain themselves and their families and it will be easy for them to scale their start ups and create more jobs for others. This will contribute positively to the economy of the country.