Kampala, Uganda

Leap² Innovation Challenge Women in Tech. Theme: Social Entrepreneurship.

The goal of this innovation is to connect and provide a safe platform for young women with digital skills and connect them to tech and digital jobs and training opportunities in order to reduce unemployment among young women from underserved communities and raise their standards of living. VividHire wants to solve SDG 8 and SDG 5.

VividHire is an impact sourcing company that connects young women who have tech skill to digital jobs and local tech jobs. Their mission is to reduce poverty among young women from underserved communities in Uganda by connecting them to digital work and tech jobs while allowing them to take care of their families with flexible work times.

The women are free to choose when they want to work and we help manage the process. VividHire looks for skilled women from companies that train girls and young women in digital skills around Uganda. They also upgrade the women's skills to the latest digital skills to be able to qualify for the work that comes our way. They partner with training institutions to offer skills development to women.

They want to support women who may not have access to opportunities and bring the opportunities to them, allow them to work in their own time so they can also take care of their families and not feel like they cannot work because they have to take care of their homes.