Trash to Cash


Leap² Innovation Challenge Innovative Light & Circular Economy - Third place. Theme: Social Entrepreneurship.

The goal of this initiative is to create a safe and clean environment free from diseases, be financial stable and to empower youth and women.

The founder tells: the challenge in my community is waste disposal that end up in the open drainage, rivers and some burnt to reduce the masses of the waste causing air pollution and fire break out.

Trash To Cash collects, sorts the waste and sells to industries for recycling. They collect and sort the waste to avoid flooding as a result of blocked drainage and prevent deaths that occur such as cholera.

Trash To Cash's objective is to create job opportunities for the youth and women in the informal settlements, so that they are financially independent also, they intend to improve the environment by ensuring we have clean water and unclogged drainage and rivers to reduce flooding.

To be sustainable, we will sell the sorted waste to different industries and also charge garbage collection fees from individual households.