Leap² Swahili-Tech Women Innovation Challenge. Theme: Education.

TechLens is a mobile tech-school that aims at promoting active and integrative learning through technology. They target public school-going students from disadvantaged backgrounds and provide them with basic IT skills and mentor-ship program to enable them tap into careers in technology, improve their academic work and access online opportunities.

TechLens is a mobile (movable) tech-school that promotes active and integrative learning through technology. They offer training on basic IT skills and provide mentor-ship program to enable the students to do well both academically and spark their interest to pursue careers in technology.

Their aim is to bridge the digital and technology divide, creating equal opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

About 65% of students from public schools don't pursue careers in technology due to lack of career awareness and  basic IT skills due to high costs of computer studies and lack of mentor-ship which has led to missed career opportunities and untapped innovative potential for community solutions.

Research reveals only 12.5% of the schools after introduction of computer studies as a subject have implemented the subject’s curriculum. Inadequate funds to procure computers, their accessories and setup infrastructures such as computer laboratories, lack of trained teachers and inadequate revision materials were found to be major challenges in the implementation process.