Solar Powered Digital Egg Incubator


Leap² Innovation Challenge Innovative Light & Circular Economy - First place. Theme: Agriculture.

CALL-MAIN HATCHERY, is a company that  makes solar powered incubators to provide employment to rural and town outskirt farmers, youth and women and to boost food security using renewable energy.

Perennially Kenya is met with headlines ranging from, the unforgiving hunger to the graves of hunger especially in the northern part of the country.

To help solve this problem Call-Main Hatchery has come up with a solar powered digital egg incubator that will ensure eggs hatch in bulk as opposed to the natural process the farmers currently rely on. Thus the product boosts poultry production. In addition, the incubator provides a source of income to these communities the youth and women thus empowering them.The egg shells from the incubator are also used as fertilizer by adding it to soil thus boosting crop yield.