Seeta, Uganda

Leap² Innovation Challenge Women in Tech. Theme: Human Rights.

SafePal's goal is to contribute to confidential reporting of sexual violence cases  among young people and facilitate survivors’ linkage to the nearest service providers for integrated support.

SafePal is a platform that young people can use to confidentially report cases of sexual violence and get linked to the nearest service providers for help.

About 4500 young people face sexual violence annually in Uganda (UDHS 2016), SafePal is available to all young people and the platform is primarily targeting girls, among whom the cases of sexual violence are particularly high.

Defilement & rape of girls below 18 years as leading forms of Sexual Gender Based Violence. This violence results in a number of negative consequences; including adverse physical and mental health outcomes, limited access to education, increased costs relating to medical and legal services, lost household productivity, reduced income and weak decision making indicators.

Through a mobile application and web form system, survivors or their friends will be able to report cases of abuse confidentially into the system. The system will further provide a dashboard through which service providers can view survivors who have reported and require assistance.

By using SafePal, young people will be having a quick way to confidentially report and get help from relevant service providers. This builds self-esteem thus building resilience in communities.

By 2022, they hope to bring safepal to about 60 districts in Uganda, referring up to 10000 number of cases to service providers. Focus on partnerships with GBV agencies such as Ministry of gender, labor and social development, NGOs, Civil Service Organizations, MDAs to provide services and finance customized functionality and modification for their use while contributing to maintenance and support of the application infrastructure.

With the increase downloads and usage SafePal will be able to make advertisements for other businesses for example MTN and many more which will make them financially. They are currently partnered with five civil service organizations like ACTION AID,FIDA ,RHU,NAGURU TEENAGE CENTRE,SAUTI 116 and the UNFPA.