Nairobi, Kenya

First Leap² Innovation Challenge. Theme: Health.

The goal of PregMum is to extend fetal and maternal pregnancy monitoring throughout critical stages of pregnancy to be able to enhance early detection and reporting of danger signs and onset of problems for timely life saving interventions to mother and the baby.

The innovation purposes to reduce maternal related deaths brought about by late detection and response to unwellness of the mother and their babies during critical stages of pregnancy. This problem is due to lack of efficient and digital fetal monitoring devices during the interval between antenatal clinic while at the village level and poor monitoring during delivery.

PregMum device is proposed as a user friendly device for use by community health workers at the grass root level to obtain maternal blood pressure, fetal kicks and fetal heart rate during critical stages of pregnancy.The device then automatically sends data to the central cloud server system integrated to hospitals. This provides clinicians with real time data on fetal heart rate and Blood pressure of mother. In case there is need for an emergency response, the device will send an alert to the nearest medical expert in the nearest hospital. Life saving interventions for the mother and the fetus can then be initiated in time.

The impact of this product will be reduced stillbirths, reduced neonatal deaths and birth related asphyxia, reduced admissions of newborns to the nursery,and increased antenatal visits, reduced per-eclampsia deaths and complications. They plan to equip community health workers with  the devices through the hospitals and community health institutions that employ them for community follow ups. The device can also be integrated in local hospitals.