Plastic Bottle Bulb


Leap² Innovation Challenge Innovative Light & Circular Economy. Theme: Social Entrepreneurship.

Plastic bottle bulbs offers a recycled plastic bottle with a solar powered bulb to be attached to iron sheet roofed houses in informal settlements to enable  access of clean renewable proper lighting .


A report by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) indicates that kerosene tin lamps form the bulk of modes of lighting used in the country. Nearly 70 percent of Kenyans rely on kerosene for lighting, mostly those living in informal settlements spend a lot to have lighting in their homes.

According to the report, a household in the capital Nairobi is 36 times more likely to have electricity for lighting than a household in Turkana and Tana River counties, some of the most under-developed regions.

Plastic Solar Bulbs exists to close this gap by offering clean, affordable, renewable lighting solutions to people living in informal settlements while leveraging on circular economy for waste plastic bottles. They make use of the Moser Lamp, invented by Brazilian mechanic Alfred Moser. These lamps are actually just plastic bottles filled with water and bleach. Yet when installed in the roof of a house, the lamps produce light with a strength of 40 to 60 watts, which is stronger than some light bulbs.

Sunlight refracts through the bottles to make them glow like lamps, providing a cheap and renewable source of light to poor families all over the world. The Kenyan innovation steps in and fixes a small sized solar panel, battery and an LED bulb so as to provide lighting at night as well so that the homes can have light through out and streets can have light at night.

The founder tells: I believe all house holds should have access to proper lighting for the good of the household and the better of the environment. Mothers should do their chores well at night, students should have light to study at night and be productive as well.