Pawame - Delivering more than just Energy

Nairobi, Kenya

First Leap² Innovation Challenge. Theme: Climate.

Bringing light into someone’s life is an emotional gift; no one deserves to be left in the dark. At Pawame, they take this mission seriously. Their clean and green energy helps the environment.

Pawame is based in and across Kenya. The company brings together solar and mobile technology to provide affordable, clean and bright energy to off-grid population in Kenya. Our SHS enables both solar-charging of small appliances, the powering of lights, and replaces harmful kerosene; our operations invest in local communities. In a short span of 8 months, Pawame has impacted 5,000 lives in Kenya in bringing light to off-grid households.

The Problem:
In Kenya, the rural electrification rate is a mere 7%, with 36 million people still living with unreliable or no access to electricity. This prevents access to essential life functionalities such as lighting and phone charging, negatively impacting on the health, education, and development of affected communities. The majority of communities resort to burning inefficient and unsafe kerosene, paraffin and wood as their only source.
Pawame’s solution and mission is a Pay-As-You-Go SHS includes two lights, a torch, a radio, a solar panel and a battery that can charge phones. It enables customers to (a) immediately benefit from clean and affordable electricity, while (b) building a credit history that can unlock access to other life-changing products and services, like scholarship loans and micro-insurance. We pride ourselves on our unique trinity of excellence: end-to-end service, quality products and serving incredibly remote communities across Kenya. Through our partnerships we are financially and socially empowering farmers and women’s microfinance initiatives; the vision of the company is not just to provide SHS, but to improve all aspects of their quality of life.