A Visit from Minister Hilde Crevits in Mechelen

Posted on Aug 19, 2021 12:00 AM by

Belgian Minister Hilde Crevits visited CTG Circular in Mechelen last August.

CTG Circular, our re-manufacturing partner in Belgium, had the honour of welcoming Belgian Minister Hilde Crevits to their site in Mechelen on the 19th of August. Crevits is Minister of Economy, Work, Innovation and Social Economy, in other words: CTG Circular was an interesting site for Crevits to visit.

Upon her arrival she was introduced to the whole CTG Circular crew by our CEO Olivier.

After this short introduction our own Didier took over and induced Crevits in the ecosystem and story of Close the Gap and CTG Circular. Alain, Co-director of CTG Circular, then took the helm and gave the minister a tour of the warehouse after which she got the chance to refurbish a laptop herself.  

Minister Crevits showed sincere interest in our organisation and even expressed some curiosity about visiting the Kenyan site in the future. Who knows, see you in Mombasa?

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