Meet Vlaamse Overheid - Departement Omgeving, one of our donors of ICT material

Posted on Mar 20, 2020 6:44 AM by

One of our most recent donors of ICT material is the Departement Omgeving of the Flemish Government (a region in Belgium). They recently donated a large amount of ICT material.

For the past years, Departement Omgeving has donated multiple times already, just like other departments of the Flemish government.

The Departement Omgeving has the following tasks:

  • the realisation of a high-quality living environment, in which various resources and the available space are used in a sustainable manner
  • the development of an integrated environmental policy (space, environment, nature and energy) aimed at policy preparation and implementation, broadening support, enforcement of regulations and policy evaluation
  • cooperation with cities, municipalities and provinces for local environmental policy. Cities and municipalities are the first point of contact for citizens.

We would like to sincerely thank Departement Omgeving for their donation of ICT material. Together they help us bridge the digital divide on a daily basis, by offering people all over the world the opportunity to develop their digital skills.


Would you also like to follow their positive example? Click here to reach out to us for your own company's donation of ICT material.