Closer look at a project: Fraternity of the Vulnerable Uganda

Posted on Dec 4, 2019 7:47 AM by

One of the projects we recently supported with ICT material is Fraternity of the Vulnerable (FOV) Uganda. This organisation is mainly aiming to alleviate poverty in Uganda. Their goal is to improve the social-economic status of communities by promoting healthcare and education.

More concretely, this humanitarian organisation wants to provide vulnverable women and children with the opportunities and abilities to support themselves and access basic services. They have  three pillars through which they want to empower women: 

  • Health care through the building of a health center
  • Education through an adult literacy programme and education for orphaned children
  • Livelihood: this focuses on savings, nutrition, entrepreneurship, water and sanitation, and female leadership (such as family planning).

Close the Gap provided a number of computers for the head office of FOV Uganda in Kampala. With these computers, the organisation will be able to continue their hard work and to improve the effectiveness of their efforts in empowering vulnerable women and children.

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