Olivier Vanden Eynde speaks at TCI Global Network Conference

Posted on Oct 9, 2019 6:44 AM by

On Tuesday October 8th, Close the Gap's founder & CEO Olivier Vanden Eynde gave a keynote at the TCI Global Network Conference in Antwerp.

This conference, the 22nd edition already, was organised by Flanders Investment and Trade in partnership with Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship and VisitFlanders. During the conference, experts from around the globe gathered in a forum setting—while seeking to make headway in the domains of cluster development, regional competitiveness and innovation support.

In his keynote, Olivier explained the path Close the Gap has taken these past 15 years and how our organisation is constantly developing. He also explained the newest chapter of Close the Gap's story: our social enterprise and our initiatives in Kenya, consisting of the Circular Economy Hub in Nairobi and the Innovation Hub in Mombasa.

Last but not least, he also spoke about the newest development of the Close the Gap ecosystem: CTG Circular, an IT Asset Disposition business. For more information about our activities in Kenya, click here. For more news about CTG Circular, visit the website here.

One of the key phrases of his keynote was about how Close the Gap works closely together with the public and private sector: "Even in our early start-up years, we had the support of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT). Now, after closing the gap for 15 years, we've become a for profit company working together with all parts of the value chain to create a way that everyone wins." Olivier Vanden Eynde, CEO Close the Gap.

His keynote fit perfectly in the theme of the conference: social economy, sustainability and digital innovation. Olivier gave his keynote during the opening reception of the event, which was attended by national and international business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors.