Close the Gap participates in De Warmste Week for the third year in a row

Posted on Oct 24, 2019 6:38 AM by

Every year, Studio Brussel (a Flemish radio station) organises De Warmste Week (Music for Life), a period before Christmas where people, organisations and companies can set up actions to support charities, good causes and other non-profit initiatives of their choice.

For the third year in a row, Close the Gap is one of the non-profit initiatives that is registered as a cause that people can organise actions for. Through these actions, which can range from baking and selling cookies to a tombola, funds are raised. 

With the collected money, Close the Gap will support a school in Africa with refurbished IT material, so children and young adults can develop their digital skills and increase their opportunities in this digital world.

Check out the Music for Life website and register your own action to support Close the Gap!

With €2,000 collected, we can furnish and install one computer room in a secondary school in for example Tanzania, Zambia or Kenya. This would include a set of 15 computers with appropriate software installed, teacher training, technical support and e-waste contribution. Each class of 15 computers reaches about 300 children. 

Last year, through various actions, the organisations that decided to support us, raised more than 6000 euros. With these funds, we supported various schools and universities in Burundi.