Your donations of "De Warmste Week" are having a real impact in Burundi

Posted on Jul 5, 2019 6:58 AM by

At the end of 2018, Close the Gap was one of the good causes that could be supported through the Flemish charity event "De Warmste Week". 

Every year the week before Christmas, Studio Brussels, a Flemish radio station, organises the Warmste Week (Music for Life). This charity event enables everyone, from people in the street to large organisations, to donate money to an organisation of their choice. For the second year in a row, Close the Gap was registered as one of the good causes to support.

Thanks to the donations of Co-Vibes, Lineas-IT, Federal Public Service Policy and Support (FOD BOSA), Capgemini and Documentatiecentrum Atlas, we were able to provide our service partner in Burundi, GLICE, with refurbished computers (click here to read the article). GLICE has been our trusted partner in Burundi for many years, and has various IT-related initiatives in the country. 

The computers that we were able to support them with thanks to De Warmste Week finally arrived in Burundi at the beginning of June. After the perfunctory customs procedures, the installation of the computers took place starting from 11th June. 

Two of the schools that received these computers are "Lycée du Saint-Esprit" and "Université du Lac Tanganyika". In these schools, the donations of the Warmste Week are having a real impact on the student's lives. With these computers, they are now able to develop their digital skills and to give a deeper dimension to their studies.

We would like to thank all of the companies that donated to us once again! 

Also, we are happy to announce that Close the Gap will again be participating in De Warmste Week at the end of this year!