Closer look at a project: Hopeful Children Center Cambodia (summer update)

Posted on Jul 26, 2019 6:44 AM by

Close the Gap is mainly providing computers to projects in Africa. Hopeful Children Center is one of the few projects Close the Gap supports outside of Sub-Saharan Africa. This project is located in Cambodia.

Hopeful Children Center focuses on education, humanitarian aid, employment, and access to water and sanitation. They aim to provide good education and shelter in order to give underprivileged Cambodian children a better future.

Hopeful Children Center supports 15 local primary schools and 2 secondary schools. In 2018, Close the Gap already donated 6 notebooks to the center in order to support the educational aspect of their mission.

Additionally, the organizations is looking into adding many more laptops to their schools, so that more children can benefit from the opportunity to develop their digital skills.

The equipment Hopeful Children Center received in 2018 went to children in the countryside, and they are very eager to learn. They have been very careful with the material and delighted with their computer classes. By discovering their digital skills, they are creating opportunities to make a better future for themselves.


If you have a project that would like to apply for computers, please click here for more info.

If your company wants to donate their computers and make an impact on the lives of children such as the ones in Cambodia, click here.