Close the Gap in D.R. Congo: A network of close partnerships

Posted on Jul 24, 2019 7:27 AM by

Close the Gap regularly provides computer material to projects in D.R. Congo. One of the most recent projects is part of a local partnership with CDR (Centre de Resources). Together with administrative support from Enabel, the Belgian development agency and WereldMissieHulp, a Belgian NGO, the computers are able to arrive at their destination.

The CDR (Centre de Resource) organisation is located in the Katanga region in D.R. Congo. Its goal is to promote the use of IT in Katanga and to provide teaching and professional computer training. With this mission in mind, CDR signed a partnership with Close the Gap and ST Foundation. The partnership with Close the Gap has permitted CDR to install and equip multimedia classes in certain provinces of High Kantanga (3 rooms) and the Lualaba (1 room). In these rooms, training modules are continuously provided by the ST Foundation.

From July 2017 to June 2019, 2171 people have benefited from these training modules at a basic level (Informatics and Computer Basics). Also, 40 winners from different schools have been able to connect to the online training platform of CATERPILLAR (the program Technicians for Africa). Additionally, more than 25 people have benefited from advanced office modules from the ST Foundation (Excel and Word).

For these kind of projects in D.R. Congo, Close the Gap collaborates with the Belgian NGO WereldMissieHulp, for the shipment of these materials towards the country. WereldMissieHulp regularly exercises expeditions to D.R. Congo, which mainly involve clothes. This enables Close the Gap the use of some space in their containers for the transport of our computers. In order for the administration to go smoothly, Close the Gap relies on Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency whose mission is to implement and coordinate the Belgian international development policy.

This network of partnerships shows the coming together of multiple organisations and the added value of the different expertise of each. Click here to discover the different ways in which you can also partner up with us in our mission to bridge the digital divide.