Close the Gap co-launches Be-Impact platform at Impact Now in Brussels

Posted on Jun 24, 2019 11:38 AM by

On Monday 24 June, Close the Gap was present at Impact Now in Brussels. During the event, our Communications Director Julie de Bergeyck gave a short speech in context of the launch of Be Impact, a Belgian platform that wants to promote social entrepreneurship.

Impact Now is a series of events aimed at companies, organisations and individuals that are striving for positive change in Belgium. The events are all about 'impact', and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the connecting factor. The main take-away is that anyone can bring about change and a positive impact on society and on the environment. 

After similar events in Gent, Antwerp, Liège and Charleroi, the event in Brussels took place on 24 June. During the day, speakers presented on different topics, ranging from what impact exactly is to the B-Corp label. In the afternoon, the event continued with topics such as investing in SDGs and what it can bring about. 

In the evening, His Majesty the King, as a special guest, announced the Be Impact platform. He is delighted by the launch of this platform that wants to inspire and inform social entrepreneurs and other people about social entrepreneurship. On the platform, an extensive library can be found, as well as the different partners of the social entrepreneurship community in Belgium. 

After the King's announcement, our colleague Julie de Bergeyck, together with two other close partners of the platform, gave a short explanation about the platform and its goals. 

The Be-Impact platform is a collaboration between almost 25 different organisations, of which Close the Gap is one.

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