Close the Gap's founder & CEO as a guest in RTBF's radio show Tendances Première

Posted on Apr 29, 2019 7:07 AM by

On Monday 29th April, Close the Gap's founder and CEO was a guest of journalist Véronique Thyberghien in her morning show Tendances Première. 

Tendances Première is a talkshow on RTBF's La Première, a French-speaking Belgian radio broadcasting station. This station is known as a general radio station that focuses on giving information, cultural themes, and social debates.

Tendances Première is a 'lifestyle' magazine where the host, Ms. Thyberghien, gives the floor to people who are making efforts today to shape the world of tomorrow. In other words, she and her guest discover the tendencies of our society and how this will shape the society of the future. 

During the show, Oliver talked about Close the Gap's story and mission to bridge the digital divide, and about the entrepreneurial spirit on the African continent. He gave an overview of our activities, such as the Digitruck and the Leap² Innovation challenges, and how Close the Gap operates, both in Belgium and in Africa.

Apart from giving an overview of our activities these past 15 years, he also mentioned that we have plans for the near future to create even more social impact in Sub-Saharan Africa with a Close the Gap innovation hub and a Circular Economy Hub (for more information about these new initiatives, click here). 

To listen to the interview, click here.

To watch the video of the interview, click here.