A closer look at a project: Thaki and Home of Hope Lebanon

Posted on Oct 10, 2018 12:00 AM by Liselotte Thijs

One of the projects Close the Gap recently supported is Thaki. This organisation aims at empowering refugee and disadvantaged children by offering them electronic tools such as computers and laptops.

Close the Gap provided Thaki with 50 notebooks. With these notebooks, young refugees with limited educational resources will be able to have access to high quality, interactive educational content. These 50 laptops in particular will help refugee children in Lebanon. Thaki loaded the notebooks with educational software before distributing them to Home of Hope, an organisation that works with vulnerable children in Lebanon. Thaki’s ultimate aim is to help children unlock their full potential through software.

“Already this year the students have used the laptops to learn about word processing and research methods. We have students learning about space, about the history of chocolate, whales, and future technologies. Younger students have taken to the educational gaming software on the computers. This set is enabling us to run simultaneous tech classes – we have coding and robotics taking place at the same time as research and computer skills. Thank you again. These laptops are a huge help to us!” – Home of Hope Lebanon.

With Close the Gap’s support, Thaki enables children and young adults to develop their digital skills, and to continue their education. This ultimately falls within Close the Gap’s mission to bridge the digital divide. 

Click here to discover how you can contribute as well by donating your company’s used IT material, which will in turn support impactful projects such as Thaki.