Pilot project implementation and assessment of regional ICT program for 65 schools in Indonesia

Posted on Apr 4, 2010 12:00 AM by Close The Gap

Since 1999, the Indonesian government has mandated that each child must go to school for nine years. However, too many children are now dropping out of school even before they reach the end of Junior High School, while some are even quitting in the primary grades.

During a Close the Gap mission the first week of April 2010, a delegation from CTG, together with volunteer B. De Ruyter from Double Dutch visited the local Education authorities from the District of Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Buleleng, namely the Unit Pelaksana Pendidikan Kecamatan Sawan.


This district (Lovinia, Buleleng, North Bali, Indonesia) includes a total of 65 primary and high schools eligible to deploy public computer education rooms within the schools and the public libraries.


A first pilot project of about 40 pc’s was successfully installed in the Banjar Dinas Dalem, Desa Kerobokan Kecamatan Sawam school, with the support from the principal and head ICT teacher.


This pilot project has been accomplished with significant and valuable support from different partners, among others Heineken, Multi Bingtang Indonesia (import, logistics), Ricoh Netherlands (multifunction equipment), KLM (transport), Metri BV (project management) and the local Dutch and Belgian authorities.


As a consequence of this successful pilot project, CTG is assessing with the local authorities how to roll-out in the other 64 schools a total of appr. 3500 to 7000 pc’s, within the schools and the public libraries. Beside the regular education, CTG also discussed with the local umbrella organisation of Aids HIV educations, Citra Usadha Indonesia, how all those centres (10 within the country) could be soon benefiting from digital education programs.


Quote Multi Bintang (CSR) :

"We believe that the value creation in our Corporate Social Responsibility will ensure PT Multi Bintang Indonesia’s business sustainability.

We believe that education is the most important aspect to improve people welfare. Thus, we are commited to improve education quality by coordinating with several academic institution, providing scholarship, as well as opportunity for internship students."