Nairobi, Kenya

Leap² Innovation Challenge on FinTech. Theme: FinTech.

Mlinzi brings trust to online trades by safeguarding transactions from fraud.

The inspiration behind Mlinzi is a personal experience of one of our members, who bought goods online but when it was delivered it did not match the agreed description. Mlinzi seeks to ensure honest trades and ethics in transactions done over online social media platforms.

High internet penetration has enabled rise in social commerce (trade over social media) in the Kenyan context. However the social media platforms (i.e Whatsapp, Facebook,twitter and Instagram) are not optimized for doing transactions.The platforms don't provide secure payment or quality assurance or timely delivery. Fraudsters are taking advantage of that to con innocent buyers/sellers their funds.

Their solution to that is a purely online escrow system that equally protects both the buyer and the seller in a transaction. People can securely trade without the fear of losing funds. Next time you scrolling on Facebook and see a good that interests you, worry not if seller is trustful or goods is of standard just visit and start a hustle free transaction.

Mlinzi is legally registered under Samsam Computer and Softcare Limited as the holding company.