Leap² Swahili-Tech Women Innovation Challenge. Theme: Education.

KIJIJI is an open innovation challenge platform that brings together students of Higher Education Institutions, and Kenyan Companies in an eight-week process of co-creating solutions around a given theme.

The inspiration for KIJIJI is the rate of youth unemployment, that has fluctuated over the past few years. It has long been argued that formal education discourages entrepreneurship as it is designed to prepare students for conventional careers and thus has an effect of reducing than increasing creativity and entrepreneurial-ism. Entrepreneurship plays a key role in alleviating the problem of unemployment.

KIJIJI aims to provide a platform that practices enhancing entrepreneurship education in Kenya, in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) outside of the formal classroom setup. KIJIJI will also offer access to free mentor-ship classes on developments of entrepreneurial skills such as; negotiation, product development, creative thinking etc.

The objective is to change mindsets of young people in HEIs from seeking employment after graduation, to creating job opportunities for themselves, and their peers. KIJIJI business model requires students to register on the platform for 100 KES annually.