Golden Rosa Ltd.


SusTech4Africa Challenge Theme: Waste.

GRL is basically a plastic waste recycling and and processing Company. They collect plastic waste  using primary plastic waste collectors- PPWCs.
We want to increase:
a) the number of collection centres from 10 to 35 that is increase the number of PPCs from 416  to 522 persons.
b) the amount of plastic wast collected from 10 to 30 tons  per month.

Plastics waste is ever increasing due to increase in population, developmental activities, changes in life style and socio economic conditions resulting in environmental pollution. It’s estimated that over 600 tons of plastic waste are generated per day in Kampala alone in Uganda which litter and clog vital drainage systems. About 51% of the plastic waste is left uncollected and the plastic waste recycling capacity in Uganda falls below 42.1 tons per day (National Environment Management Authority).

The impact of environmental pollution due to plastic waste can be significantly reduced by recycling to produce re-useable plastic products i.e. nursery pouch bags, construction rolls, garbage bags, HDPE granules etc. that are demanded in the market sold at affordable price.

The company intends to increase on the number of plastic waste from primary plastic waste collectors from 416 to 522, increase the plastic waste collection from and increase on collections centres from 10 to 35 in Mukono and Makindye around Kampala City.