Flexi-port Biogas


Leap² Innovation Challenge Innovative Light & Circular Economy. Theme: Energy.

Flexi-port biogas seeks to provide quality environment-friendly gas while managing household waste. This clean renewable energy reduces pollution and any health problems that come with accumulation of waste in the environment. It's by-product, the 'slurry' is also used as fertilizer therefore nothing goes to waste.

The amount of waste in the growing urban centers is flabbergasting. Every day we see the dump sites being loaded with more and more waste with very little of it being reused. The land-fields that this waste is being dumped into are ugly and foul smelling. The waste in these land-fields also produces toxins that drain into the soil polluting underground water sources and the soil itself. That's why we thought of a solution to help manage household waste in these urban settlements.

All along biogas production in the local surroundings have been in form of large scale plantations that produce energy for large households or for industries. It has always been a hustle to deal with household waste especially in urban settings.

Flexi-port biogas deals with facilitation of development of portable biogas plants that can be used in such households to provide affordable environment-friendly gas.  With flexi-port biogas there is less pollution and even less money used in the frequent purchase of gas for the normal household. Flexi-port biogas also offers maintenance services to keep your biogas digester running smoothly. Flexi-port biogas aims towards a clean healthy environment that sustains itself.