Entambula Yo

Kampala, Uganda

Leap² Innovation Challenge Women in Tech. Theme: Mobility.

The goal of Entambula Yo is to improve the e-commerce sector through creating digital addresses for businesses and residences so as both clients and service providers readily access their intended audience.

Story behind the innovation

The founder tells us: It all started when we as a group of girls decided to go out for a few drinks. As it approached 3:30 am we decided to leave and go back to the hostel. We subscribed to a local transportation service provider to take us back but unfortunately, we couldn't specify the exact destination (our hostel) using the transportation platform. This resulted into us being drooped off at a nearby building and had to walk the remaining distance.

As we were trekking, we were suddenly attacked by a gang of thieves who forcefully took away our handbags(containing phones, documents, money).  We narrowly survived rape. This was a challenging situation for us, as we had to deal with the trauma and fear of treading upon our own neighbourhood/ community.

We therefore thought of how we could use technology to solve the problem that we faced and ensure that not any more  girls would go through what we went through.

What we want to achieve

Entambula Yo is a mobile application that generates a digital address (which is navigable and accessible) for a given user (business or personal residence) and maps this generated address to a physical location. The main aim of the application is to improve the e-commerce sector and day-to-day activities of both clients and service providers.

The impact

Entambula Yo is to impact most the e-commerce and trade sectors in that service providers (transportation, delivery, health, amongst others) will be in position to deliver services to their clients without struggling to find their addresses. Trade volumes will also pitch high as service providers register increment in the market scope.


With go to market strategies like branding and awareness creation, the application is to be embraced by a good number of citizens (estimate of 400,0000 people and businesses in Kampala). Users will annually be charged Ugx 200 for the acquired addresses which leads to profit margins of Ugx 80,000,000 annually. This ensures the sustainability of the innovation.