Deafine Connect

Nairobi, Kenya

First Leap² Innovation Challenge. Theme: Social entrepreneurship.

The goal of Deafine Connect is to create a world possibilities for the Deaf in Kenya. They do so by sending text messages in bulk to the Deaf for them to access real time information on Health, Education, Justice, their rights and employment opportunities.

The Deaf communicate uses sign language which is not conversant with most of the hearing community resulting in a communication barrier. The Deaf require Sign language interpreters who convey the information on their behalf but the Deaf cannot afford to carry their own personal interpreter in their day to day living. They are often overlooked or ignored and cannot access timely information to access quality healthcare, education, justice, employment and funding opportunities, and other normal services offered to the rest of the population.

Deafine Connect would like to register at least 600,000 Deaf people found in the major counties across Kenya. The innovative idea is to develop an App and web database, register the Deaf and be the channel  for the Deaf to access information on health, education, justice,land and human rights, job opportunities.

There is no data on persons with disabilities leave alone the Deaf. No statistics, no facts on their needs and how many they are. They also need a communication channel to constantly receive key information.

The ability to use the mobile platform to relay information to the Deaf with institutions working with them e.g. national and county government, government agencies, NGO's and service providers. These institutions will pay a standard SMS rate, as well as advertise on the application.