Chanjo Plus

Nairobi, Kenya

First Leap² Innovation Challenge. Theme: Health.

Chanjo Plus's goal is to eliminate vaccine preventable child mortality,morbidity and disability for children 0-5 years by tracking vaccine defaulters through mobile technology.

Despite the availability of vaccines and the fact that immunization program in Sub-Saharan Africa are 90% financed by  GAVI the Vaccine Alliance,1 in 5 children still die due to vaccine preventable diseases

.In 2015 alone, 5.9 Million Children died in Africa due to vaccine preventable conditions according to W.H.O child survival report. A simple life saving jab of vaccine can be the difference between these deaths and the survival for children most at risk. It is therefore important that no child is left out during immunization and as such every child receives the W.H.O full immunization recommended dose.

This is why Chanjo Plus seeks to ensure that thay can track every child and account for their immunization coverage as well as improve the quality of immunization data. Their social Impact is to eliminate vaccine-preventable child deaths. Economically,$1 spent in increasing access=$44 in economic benefits and environmentally, their innovation will significantly reduce the use of paper pulp that is used to produce millions of immunization booklets thereby saving our forests and our environment.