B-Track Global

Nairobi, Kenya

First Leap² Innovation Challenge. Theme: ICT.

Every year, 14,000 Boda Bodas are lost through theft and robbery. B-Track want to enable Boda Boda riders in Africa to track their Boda Bodas through the phones so that they can easily recover them when they are stolen. Their goal is to raise KES 1 million to manufacture 300 tracking devices and 2,000 reflective jackets to secure the Boda Bodas in Nairobi.

There are over 600,000 Boda Bodas in Kenya alone and over 25 million in Africa as a whole.  A Boda Boda costs an average of KES 120,000 and is essentially the primary source of income for the riders. It’s the food to their children and families, its what they use to pay for the rent, medical bills, school fees and essentially every other expense in their home. 

It’s sad that we lose 14,000 Boda Bodas through theft and robbery. Approximately 2,000 Boda Boda riders lose their lives during these incidences. Since Boda Boda is the only source of income, majority of victims hold onto to the motorcycle and in the process they get killed. 

B-Track Global wants to change this. They have designed a functional GPS Tracking Device that is affordable to Boda Boda owners in Africa. Once fitted by a technician, the owner is able to remotely monitor and reposes the Boda Boda incase its stolen.  Their tracker has been designed to integrate fully into the motorcycle circuit making it impossible to move the motorcycle if the tracker is ever removed before stolen. They have designed the most reliable trackers for Motorbikes, and They have made sure that it is affordable to the owner of a Boda Boda.

B-track's interface is user friendly, making it easier for customers to operate. Their customers are also enjoying the privilege of monitoring and tracking their vehicles/motorbikes from their mobile phone; they also help them recover their assets in case they get lost. Their goal is to connect every Boda Boda in Africa to Btrack as well as help them grow their revenues by enabling them to operate without fears of their motorcycles being stolen.