Nairobi, Kenya

The first Leap² Innovation Challenge Theme: Health.

Afya-Plan's goal goal is to see that low income earning parents in the rural and urban poor areas are able to counter out-of-pocket expenditures channeled towards acquisition of child health care services. This will in the long term significantly reduce child mortality rate. They intend to create a platform that uses table banking in self-help groups to achieve this.

We all know that parent who do not have a stable income. How do they handle emergency health situations especially for their children? Imagine how difficult it is for them to afford to buy medication drugs. 

Out-of-pocket expenditure which is incurred mainly in maternity and childcare is one of the major challenges that are faced in an effort to acquire healthcare services.

Afya-Plan  utilizes the concept of one of Kenya’s and Africa’s success stories (when it comes to uniting people who have common goal): The
concept of Table Banking (chama). Their goal is to have an innovative use
of the chama model that merges with technology to allow and give people  who are in low-income levels access to health care services that they would otherwise have been unaffordable to them as individuals.

They would like to improve the financial accessibility to these individuals. Afya-Plan plans to reach as many families as possible with at least 1000 families in the first year.